Other activities

I am teacher in Reed College’s Science Outreach program. The Science Outreach Program provides educational opportunities to students in public schools throughout the Portland area, using engaging, hands-on activities to get kids excited about science at an early age. Learn more about Reed College Science Outreach.

I am a contributor to Nothing in Biology Makes Sense, a website dedicated to communicating scientific findings to a broad audience, as well as facilitating general discussion of current events/issues in the realms of science research and education. Read more at nothinginbiology.org.

At the University of Idaho, I acted as a co-organizer of the Randall Women in Science Seminar Series. The Randall Seminar Series features lectures given by prominent female scientists from around the world. Check out an upcoming Randall Seminar.

I received the 2014-2015 American Dissertation Fellowship from the American Association of University of Women. The AAUW works to promote educational equality for women, and the American Fellowship Program provides support for women completing dissertations in all fields of study. Visit the AAUW’s website.

I am a contributor to the ARC software project. ARC is a novel, reference guided approach for de novo assembly of sequencing reads. The ARC pipeline is iterative and uses a unique combination of mapping and assembly steps to speed up data analysis and increase overall accuracy of results. Download ARC here.